Hospitals: Ages 6 and up (with the ability to use scissors)

Libraries: Ages 6 and up (ages 6-12 with accompanying parent)

Schools: Grades K-12

Colleges: All ages

Group Size: Up to 30 students per library, school or college workshop and 20 per hospital.

Ideal Workshop Duration: Total - 120 minutes. 30 minute intro (includes artist’s background, positive lecture and familiarization with materials), 45 minute instructed hands-on experience (basic 3D shape construction), 30 minute decoration process and 15 minute presentation of newly created projects.

Ideal Artist's Demo Duration: Total – 60 minutes. 30 minute intro (includes artist’s background, positive lecture and familiarization with materials), 20 minute craft session (showing basic techniques) and 10 minute presentation of existing projects.

Contact: Ms. LaVerne Baskin, Public Relations Manager 312.489.7108

The LT Workshops experience will enable students to build 3D interchangeable shapes from 2D materials, imagine the many possibilities of that shape’s reinterpretation and extract those mental 3D images into physical 3D models; all while developing an understanding of how to appreciate creativity and applying how to think before acting into their daily lives.

Workshop Materials

Your donations will help fund the following resources (per workshop):

1. First Aid Kits: Fresh Band-Aids , Alcohol & Peroxide

2. Cleaning Products: Aprons, Paper towels & Gloves

3. Painting Materials: Paint, Brushes & Mixing Trays

4. LT 101 Materials: Poster Board, Glue, Sandpaper

5. LT 102 Materials: Printer Ink, Photo paper, Typing Paper

6. LT 103 Materials: X-acto Knives, Box Cutters/Blades & Scissors

7. Accent Materials: Cutting Boards, Clip Boards & Tackle Boxes

8. Accuracy Aids: Rulers, Hole Punchers & Proportion Wheels

9. Travel Expenses: Gas, Oil Changes & other Vehicle Maintenance

10. Other materials: Hand Sanitizers, Tissue & Colored Pencils


LT Workshops is a traveling art education program that teaches its participating students how to create using an original state of mind. The lessons are based on the successful works of artist CoRiccio D. Baskin (President of MYSTERYKO Incorporated, NFP, the company that brings you “Lil’ Thangz” Miniature Paper Models). The goal is to unleash one’s natural ability of unique problem solving in order to discover alternative problem solving methods that’s different from the norm. The program also shows how the knowledge can be applied to various life challenging issues. If the lesson is comprehended correctly, one would understand that there could be infinite ways to create instead of relying on the creations of others (that may not be a custom fit for a unique yet complex issue). Ultimately the student will quickly grasp the concept of valuing creativity; because if one is creative enough to do so, they will be less likely to become destructive.


Self-taught artist CoRiccio D. Baskin was very creative at an early age but it wasn’t till he reached the age of 16 before he had an epiphany. Bored out of his mind while suffering a broken foot (basketball injury) that limited his mobility, Baskin began cutting shapes from the cardstock of unused packages. Baskin then began to fold, glue and create sides until forming a 3 dimensional shape. As Baskin’s crafting skills became more intriguing to him, he’d dabble with other items to recreate by briefly self-summarizing how he thought they could have been constructed. An addition of colors and smaller pieces began to accent and enhance his central design process and about 15 models later, Baskin realized that the question of creating with originality is commonly “How?”

Art History

For 20 years, Lil’ Thangz Miniature Paper Models have toured Chicago, IL and its neighboring suburbs, resulting in over 200 free monthly displays at public libraries, schools and churches. When LT Workshops was introduced about 12 years ago, people finally got a chance to fully understand that Baskin was not simply displaying works of art but showcasing a hidden original construction process. This process allows people to see that they too have the ability to create and apply their creative thought process to their everyday lives. With the consistent success of both exhibits and complimenting workshops, viewing audiences (especially today’s youth) receive a hands-on lesson instead of verbal lectures from the artist (Baskin) himself. Thanks to special contributions the traveling LT Workshops provides their own materials to ensure students get the full LT experience!

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